NRA Action : View Results Details for All Stages

For an NRA type Match, is it possible to see results for all stages in one page, with all details in a single report? The Match report only gives an aggregate, we have to go stage by stage to get detailed scores. I searched the app in and out, could not find a solution but printing the report per stage.

If the report does not exists, ideally a new report would be per shooter, stage 1, Stage 2, …, and then next shooter, Stage1, Stage2. But that could be complex as each stage can have different targets. Thus a simpler but acceptable solution would be to simply generate all results reports per stage, as they exists in the app, but append them in a single page.


Not quite sure what you want here since when results are posted to the PS webpage, they already are formatted with each shooter and their individual stage times. You just need to look under the “combined” instead of individual stages.

Here’s an example:

Indeed this NRA Action match has the exact level of details I’m looking for, perfect !

But those ones do not have it then :
Hot Shot Ladies | PractiScore
MMA Standard Revolver Jun 27, 2021 | PractiScore

What makes the Combined match results showing “per stage” or “sum and total” ? I looked everywhere in the app, and then I noticed something after clicking on quite a few reports on PS webpage :

  • with all stage details : no footer in the results report …
  • without the expected stage details : footer is
    “Generated by PractiScore for Android (1.7.10 samsung) at 2021-06-27 13:40 +0800”
    “Generated by PractiScore for Android (1.7.5 samsung) at 2021-06-21 21:14 -0400”

That may explain a lot … Is there a limitation in the Android app ?

We’ll have to have our android app developer look into making the adjustment for when you post from android devices. Currently, there is a difference between iOS and android devices.

@euxx, will you please look at adding a combined by stage results option like ios has for NRA Action matches please?

Hello, I’m afraid this issue got unnoticed.


Your request is not unnoticed. Developers have full plates.
Requests for custom changes or making a change from one platform to another are logged and put on the list of things to do.
Unfortunately the list is very long and priorities have to be set for what fixes bugs, then what fixes match types for the largest participants, and so on down the line.
I wish we could give you a timeline but it is just not possible.

My suggestion is this. If you wish a report type that the apple platform will give you versus the Android, or Vice Versa then you might look into posting your results using that platform.


Honeslty I can understand all args you have, fully ok, no worry on that.

But asking me to switch from Android to iOS only for Practiscore, I mean I love the app, but that’s a little too much… :laughing: However, your trick is pretty good. pulling match from an Iphone and publishing, that will do it for the time being.