Not receiving admin emails for event

I set up my club to send emails to my business email (gmail hosted, but custom domain), and I’m not having any luck with receiving admin emails when people are signing up for events/classes. I checked Spam and nothing is there. I sent a test email to myself from my personal to the email I am using on Practiscore and it seems to be working fine.

Edit: I made a dummy gmail account to forward everything to, thinking PractiScore may not like the custom domain, but that didn’t work either.

Events are not as fully functioning as matches. Not all the features.
I’ll take a look at it.

So your event registration forms still have the .us email on them. That’s where the emails are going.
You didn’t change them when you changed to the [email protected] address.
There are a number of troublesome domains that stop the emails our system sends. hotmail, aol, att, and others. I would not be surprised if your custom domain does it too.

Got that fixed. Thanks!

Somewhat related: I didn’t use the pay-to-register function and manually approved people, but people aren’t getting linked to payment portals, so I have to email them an invoice manually via Stripe. Do you know why it’s doing that?

Even though the registration forms look the same as matches events are not connected to the stripe system.
One of the things in events that’s not active.