New odd behavior of timer to tablet sync

At our match today we had a new behavior for the timer connection. When we select a shooter a ribbon down by the timer icon immediately pops up and says the AMG timer is not connected. If we then tap the icon of the timer it connects. Score keepers got used to on the first string of a new shooter we would tap the timer icon twice, once to make it connect and again to pull the time. This was only on the first string, after that it would be fine until the next shooter and start the process over. We have never had to do this before. AMG Lab timers, Fire 8 tablets running Fire OS and Practiscore Version: 1.7.16 (202112201325). Anyone seen this?

I have also had this issue. also on Kindle Fire 8 running latest software.

The AMG will connect normally with the three dots in the top right corner. However, the scoring won’t recognise the timer until you try to pull the time by hitting the stop watch icon. It connects after the first press and will pull the time on the second press. Originally happened January 4th.

Thanks for the reply. As a test I synced one of my tablets to an older Fire 7 running Fire OS but also has Practiscore 1.7.16 and it has the same behavior so it’s likely the latest version of the Practiscore that could be the issue.

1.7.16 release notes indicate “Improved reconnection with Bluetooth timers” - Previous versions, if the timer goes out of range, it didn’t reconnect immediately when they were in range. I’m guessing that what you’re describing is a drop and reconnect to each shooter, and that’s the improvement here.

This was related to an issue with a significantly increased connection duration when repeatedly connecting to CE ProTimer. I had to disable autoConnect, which seem to be a problematic option between many Android devices and BLE peripherals (like timers).

Will check if I can replicate described issue with the AMG timer when I’ll have some time.

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For now we will just have to change our procedure. I’ll have to brief the score keepers to select the shooter and then tap the timer once to connect and then scoring can be done as usual until the next shooter and then repeat the connect and score routine.

I have tried forgetting the current timer and trying different timers on different tablets and the behavior remains the same but since it’s consistent we can establish a work around.

@Gregg_Kratochvil so how long does it take to connect once you tap the timer icon?

It is pretty much immediate, like one second, maybe two.

I have noticed the exact same situation as Gregg.
We run the same devices as well.
Noticed this happening the last 2 matches.
Minor annoyance,but looking for a solution also.
Thanks in advance

It looks like this has been resolved with version 1.7.17
Thank You Eugene!

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