Need help signing up for IDPA Pistol Match online

What is class, category and division?

Do I need to be an IDPA member to compete in IDPA pistol matches?

What does this mean below? How do I get IDPA Classification?
NOTE: All shooters are required to have any of the following:
(1) USPSA or IDPA classification.

I recommend reaching out to the match director and talking to them directly if it is your first time competing usually, they have an email or phone number on the sign-up page or the club profile on practiscore I don’t believe you have to be a member of either organizations to shoot a match but I’m not sure about idpa some clubs may require you to have a classification to shoot their match due to added safety concerns like shooting indoors hope this helps.

Bill has good advice about the club you want to go to.
In general; class is your skill level determined by a standardized course of fire called a ‘Classifier’.
Category is a way to see your score by a sub-group; for example; Junior, Veteran; Lady, Law Enforcement etc.
Division is decided by the type and characteristics of your gun. For example (not a comprehensive list); SSP is ‘Stock Service Pistol’ and is for 9mm pistols as you bought them. CDP is ‘Custom Defensive Pistol’ usually a 1911 style .45 caliber. ESP ‘Enhanced Service Pistol’ is a SSP gun modified in certain ways. CO ‘Carry Optic’ is a pistol with a red dot or a laser on it. There are more. You can find the rule book on Look for the equipment appendix.