Multiple Shooters with the Same Entry #

I notice that in my current match two shooters both have the same ID/entry number.

York USPSA…shooter #63.

Not sure if that will affect anything or not. image

I will have the webmaster take a look at it. It won’t hurt anything as far a pulling registration to the master tablet except it looks to have allowed 91 shooters in the match before the waitlist started.

Actually, #90 and #91 both got waitlist emails though it appeared to me as if they were approved…I ended up putting #90 in a squad. While #91 appears to be approved, he is actually waitlisted and unable to squad (I’m ok with that).

During registration you had 7 people register in the same second. The two that got reg #63 registered withing 80 milliseconds of each other! That is the time it takes for the database to respond on how many shooters are registered.
It’s a hardware limitation.
Be less popular!!!