Missing Scores on Dashboard

I have a shooter who is a twenty plus year USPSA member and I have shot with him at over a hundred matches and he only has 19 scores on his dashboard. I have asked everywhere I can find and gotten no answer to why. Shooter number is TY31924, he has a 24 year badge, and pretty much has shot all of the western matches. Any idea why his matches don’t show? I ask as his Match Director and personal chauffeur. Thanks

Not sure why it signed me in as him. Weird.


The usual culprit is that the shooter doesn’t use the same email they registered to PS with to register. Sometimes it is changed on accident by a match director as well.
The best thing to do would be to add any other emails Otis may use/have used to the “Additional Emails” section in the settings.
If that doesn’t fix things, please let me know and I’ll have a look at the account.

Here is info about what Madison said.
Are you logged in as him? if so then you have not logged out of his account via the log out button possibly? Also possible that you are looking at old, cached data.
We suggest to shooters that they run their own accounts and not share log in info. Often it causes problems with logging in and out and how matches track to the correct shooter.
https://community.practiscore.com/t/why-are-my-matches-not-in-my-dashboard/90n it

I am his Match Director, shooting buddy, and chauffeur, and had no answer as to why his scores aren’t there. I updated his email account, he’s had two, ever. He’s in his seventies and I take care of the PS stuff for him. I’m sure he has hundreds of scores out there, but it only shows 18. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

If you give me a match or two that he has shot in then I can look at them to determine what is going on.
I could also use his info with both emails.