MD added me to match, it is not on my dashboard

MD for Generation III Gun added me to the match but it is not on my pscore dashboard. How can I get that fixed?

Hi Dave!

Did he add you to the match using the correct email? That is how PS sees registrations.

Hi Madison!
There are two email associated with my PScore account, he used one of them to add me.

I’ll check up on it as soon as I’m near a computer, unless @D.J.Petrou is already on one😁

Thank you!

I’m working on it…

It’s all fixed.

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Nice! Thanks for that, it does show the match now and says “you may squad below” but there is nothing blow. :grimacing:

That’s because registration is closed. When Reg closes so does self squadding.
You have to contact the MD to either turn Reg back on until, say next Thurs, or they will have to place you in a squad…

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Copy that. Thanks!