Match registration email transmission timing is incorrect - 'approved' vs 'paid' status


I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while, narrowed it down today. There is a problem with the emails which PractiScore sends out to our USPSA match participants. I have not experimented with another type of match yet, but, this happens with our USPSA match registrations online.

We use PractiScore web to register participants and have folks pay through a separate PayPal link.
We manage the registrant’s ‘approval’ and ‘paid’ status. When they register we set them to ‘approved’, but, not ‘paid’. Once they pay through PayPal we set them to ‘paid’ and they can squad.

However, what happens is when a participant registers they initially get the email content found in our registration form in the field “Thank You Message” which basically tells them they have registered and we are awaiting their payment. But, if we set them to ‘approved’, regardless of payment status, PractiScore sends them the email content found in the match configuration under the heading of ‘Email Registration Approved Content’. We have this set to indicate they are both ‘approved’ and ‘paid’, as we are expecting that. But, for someone who is not yet ‘paid’, this ‘approved’ content confuses the situation. The participant thinks they have paid, which they have not.

What we need another email setting that creates an email to be sent ONLY when someone is ‘approved’, but, before their ‘paid’ status is set. They have not paid yet (through our separate PayPal link) and we don’t want them to squad before they pay.

Club name is Dutchess County Pistol Association and please have the developers take a look at the configuration I have for our DCPA USPSA 11-14-2021 match.

Thank you for your questions.
The Practiscore auto email system is set to work internally with Practiscore and the Stripe payment system. When registrations happen and payments are submitted via the Stripe partnership everything happens as it should.
Your club has chosen to work outside the system. (as with Paypal for example) and the system will not work exactly per your needs…
You are seeing that.
Unfortunately we cannot build a system to work for every possibility of clubs using external, non integrated, payment systems.
Most clubs find using Stripe Connect and having shooter pay as they register have made their lives and the management of matches amazingly easier for everyone involved.
Maybe you all would look into the Stripe system and if you need help we can surely do so.

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I understand what you say. However, I also understand that from a programmatic point of view it is not hard to add another checkbox/button in the match configuration page, maybe even another email message to be sent. Then we have one indicator when someone is marked as “approved” and another when we mark them (manually) as “paid”. A separate email for “approved” and then “paid” would be nice too, but, not necessary. The email that exists and is sent once someone is both “approved” and “paid” is fine. But, definitely separate the aspects of organizing registrations. This will help us who run matches organize who is “approved” vs “paid”.

Please consider.