Match not showing in my dashboard

Any idea how to get a match to show in my profile. Signed up on practiscore like I have ever match but the one from last week won’t show in my profile. My score in on practiscore, shows my info but isn’t linked.

If you share more info with us we can look at it.

So this match you can see I’m on it, 16. But it doesn’t reflect in my profile.

It looks like the Match Director manipulated the import match file as there are no email address attached with shooter profiles. To show up on your dashboard, the website needs to have your email address. You’ll need to talk to the match director.

Good morning. I shot at a local match in Fort Wayne, IN just over a week ago, and am wondering why the results are not showing up in my “Recent Events” on Practiscore & I can only view them via the link from the club Facebook page. Also, the club had issues with stage 2, which was classifier 21-01 showing up on the tablet & therefore wasn’t submitted to USPSA. I have emailed the club twice since the conclusion of the match & not gotten a response. Thanks for any help you can provide.

John Ogren

USPSA member #A139273