Lists of past matches are incomplete

On the screenshot below there are two options for listing past matches. The first under match results and the second next to Upcoming matches. After clicking View All for past matches the list is not complete and does not show some matches that can be found when clicking on the total matches list. Why don’t we get a complete list by clicking View All under past matches?


More than likely you didn’t use the Practiscore Pin # to pull the match from the website or the match hasn’t been claimed on the scores tab for your specific club.

It also looks like some of your matches never even posted the scores to the website (i.e., SLPSA December USPSA Match 1).

If you go to Practiscore/Scores and search on SLPSA the December 1 comes up with a 12/12 date.

I’m certain the pin was used to download the match. Not sure about claiming it?


I’m assuming the pin wasn’t used considering the name of the match is different on the score page listing versus what you had the match titled on the website unless one of you changed the name of the match.
Screenshot 2021-01-13 194017

To claim the scores for your club, you’ll need to click on “Claim Results for Club” at the bottom of the scores.

Screenshot 2021-01-13 194239

That could be due to DJ’s popular recommendation to import data into the match created on device.