Is there a way to group stages for standings?

I run an 8 stage match. 4 pistol and 4 rifle. Most compete in both but a few only compete in rifle or pistol. I want to award a top pistol and top rifle award that looks at all competitors that have scores for either stages 1-4 or 5-8. Is there a way to accomplish this without requiring dual registration? Sign up once for your pistol and then sign up with your rifle. If that’s the best way to do it, any recommendations on how to communicate this to new competitors? TIA

Hi Ben,
Well, there are many ways to do this and you might get numerous replies here.
I am guessing that the person shooting only one gun would pay a different match fee than one shooting both. If that is the case then you really need to have two different matches, a Mini Pistol and a Mini Rifle match.
Then to combine them for overall results, you can easily use the series report that both iOS and Android have available to combine the shooters shooting both.

If the match fee is the same no matter, then there are all kinds of options. You can register them all together, have them in the correct divisions. Then create three classes, Pistol only, Rifle only and Combined (two gun). Results can be looked at by class to give your broken up results… :man_shrugging: :+1:

For any of this you need to think backwards from what you want in results to how you set things up…


edit: I was just thinking you could do one match, create the three options in Categories then the shooter choosing only pistol checks pistol only…the shooter shooting both chooses Pistol, Rifle and combined (all three) options. then you can sort all three ways also…so many ways to try it…

I have a rifle only, pistol only and both. The problem is that I want the top score from both and pistol or both and rifle. Right now it only shows me the rankings of pistol only, rifle only and both.

I charge $5 per gun for members and $7.50 per gun for non members so the fees could be $5, $7.50, $10 or $15; however, I don’t know if a $5 or $7.50 shooter is pistol or rifle.

The simplest is to do pistol and rifle as separate matches (4 stages each). Then do a series out of the two for combined standings in both.

You can clone original 8 stages match and delete corresponding stages.

SO, you want a pistol match, a rifle match and then a 2 gun match?
Three matches and then you have to combine then however you want…or two matches and then blend them multiple ways… :man_facepalming: my head hurts… :joy: