Is an event with online payment possible?

I try to setup an Event (not a Match) for our club trainings with online payment at registration (option “Require full payment at time of registration”)
In the event setup page, I alway see the message “This club is not set up to take online payments. Click [here] to adjust your payment settings.”

However, the club has a working link with Stripe - I do see the Stripe connection in the Payment settings of the club: “This Club is currently setup with Stripe Connect. You may Click the button below to change the Stripe account connected to this club.”
Additionally, when I create an Match instead of an Event - it all work properly.

Is this a bug or is it not possible to bind an event with an online payment for the club members ?

Many thanks for hints

Which of your two clubs are you trying with?
I want to see if I can duplicate it.
The system is working properly on my club. (see my screen captures of a test event I just created)

FYI I have sent requests off to the web dept but I don’t imagine I will hear anything until after the new years weekend.
I can tell you the events section was never really set up to be a pay to play area.
The simplest way now to to create a match and name it what you need. Then when it is all over just delete it as there are no results.

Hello D.J.

Many thanks!
Interesting that this is working on your side.
When I try an Event with my two clubs (both of them), I always get the message, that the club is not set up for online payment (see the blue message line in the payment section).
The test here was made with the “Sportschuetzen Luchs” Club.
I also tried to use the mentioned “here” link to bind Stripe again, but it will not change anything.

My workaround at the moment is indeed to create a match instead of an event.

On the other side, when it is working for you, but not for me - what is the difference within Practiscore between us then ? :wink:

And for comparison - the same page section with the same club by setting up a match.
Online payment is working well.