Include Member ID and/or Email when getting CSV of reports

In the match series screen, you can select the shooter key (one of email/member id/name/uuid) and then export percent reports / rank reports etc as CSV

but the exported CSV does not include the Shooter Key

Would it be possible to include that column into the csv?

At this point we probably can’t get the key included anytime soon.
Within Practiscore we almost always use the email as the key in th eiOS system since it is included with Practiscore registrations and is unique to all the shooters (plus they can remember their email. This is why we use emails and not a created member number within our system)
Really beyond names what use is an key anyhow?
And what do you use the export for when you can easily post the series as match results withing Practiscore?

Hi DJ,
the file I am looking to use is the combined match results csv which has the following columns

Rank Total First Name Last Name Division Categories Club Match 13/3-% Club Match 13/3-Rank Club Match 13/3-Rank Points

if email could be included in that file it would be good…

I am trying to integrate the Practiscore results into our club management system for compliance and reporting reasons. The data needs to be merged into a club members competition history and the key we would prefer to use is the member id we have entered for shooters in the Practiscore system… email would work but it’s not as efficient as member id.


I do not see that you are a match director of any club in Practiscore, nor do I have any match history for you.
Practiscore does not directly integrate into any club/Sport system. All the results are posted on the Practiscore website and can be linked as such.
What compliance and reporting are you doing and to what sanctioning body?

Unfortunately we cannot offer any other suggestions without more pertinent information.
If necessary you can contact me directly via [email protected].