IDPA Member number field gone from existing sanctioned match regsistration

Match registration for the 2021 Chattanooga Classic has been open for a while with over 100 entries. As of a few days ago, there is no Member number field showing at registration. There are also people that registered early on that their member number is not showing up now. Not sure what to do next to fix this

Hi @Brent_Sizemore,

It looks like you don’t have the “Member Number” enabled for shooters to put their member number. You’ll need to enable this field and have shooters put their member numbers in that way.

It was a required field when the match was started… There are approx. 55 shooters that don’t have a number, and some have “member number” as field with no number.

I’ve re-enabled and will send all shooters an email to update

I enabled the field, and had someone on the phone that had registered, and had no number showing up. Now his number shows up. Will just have to send all shooters an email to edit and refresh

I just checked and quite a few of your shooters have member numbers in their registrations now so maybe the “enabled” button just got turned off :woman_shrugging: