How to setup a match with two runs per stage


we are a very small club with limited space, so our matches contain only a few stages which have to be shot twice.
I found a way to set the stage to multiple strings but this way I can’t enter the score for each run. We don’t want to duplicate the stages because the individual results should be comparable.
Can you please help me out?
Thank you.

Cheers Peter

@Peter_Fuchs you haven’t mentioned what match type you are scoring… Though it is probably doesn’t matter anyways.

Currently your options are either duplicate stages or run two strings and use doubled number of targets. For the latter you won’t have separate scores between two runs.

Not sure what you meant by “individual results should be comparable”.

If you use the “Time plus” (basically straight time) match type, you can change the number of strings under each stage when you add the stages to the match.