How does the payment flow for Praciscore registration donations?

When we receive a Practiscore donation, do we remit those funds to Practiscore, or do you pull the funds directly from the transaction? I was contacted by a shooter who registered with a $25 donation to Practiscore and they did not intend to do that. I see the transaction in Stripe that equals the match fee plus the donation, but not sure the proper way to refund the donation piece.

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Tagging one of our website guys, who can probably give you a more in depth answer than I can!

Pm’ing the answer…

Just to summarize, Practiscore donation amounts are remitted directly to Practiscore through Stripe and they appear as fees in Stripe.

Two important facts are worth noting here:

  • If a shooter has a problem with the amount they selected to donate to Practiscore, they must contact Practiscore support directly (the club cannot refund it).
  • When adding up accounting entries for the club, Practiscore donations need to be subtracted from both match fees and credit card fees in order to arrive at the correct amounts.
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Hi DJ, I just had a new shooter pay a full match fee as a donation to PS (for two people) in error. How can that be fixed?

Email me all the pertinent the info directly.
Surprising this happens now that there are HUGE pop ups telling you exactly what you are paying for. :man_shrugging:

Also, could you please communicate with your shooter that Each shooter should be registering under their own account. Not, if I read the correctly, two shooters under one account.