How do I create squads offline?

Using the website to create matches is way over gunned for the way I use the app. I have a small group of shooters and I just create a template on my android tablet and clone it from match to match. I can do everything I need directly on the tablet without using the website except creating squads. How do I do this on a tablet?

The explicit creation of squads on the website is tied up to the match schedules.

Because schedules doesn’t need to be handled in the app, the squad is just a number there and squads don’t need to be pre-created, you just assign a squad number for a given shooter in the app.

In some cases it is convenient to use some system when numbering squads. Eg. <bay/stage number> – 205 (2nd day and starts on stage 5).

Thanks for the quick response. Is there no way to name a squad?

Not really.

You can name them anything you want if you create them on the website and then import a match registration. But since you’re not doing that you really can’t.