Fire Tablets won't sync over a Mesh Network

Our club just upgraded to a mesh network, I use the term upgraded loosely, only because I’m unfamiliar with it. None of the M.D. are able to sync the tablet over this network.
Any information you may have to help solve this issue would be greatly appreciated.



First of check that your network (mesh or not) does not have a “client isolation mode” enabled and disable it if that’s the case.

Other than that we’ll need more details than “none are are able to sync the tablet”

  • What error are you getting?
  • Are tablets able to find each other when scanning?
  • Does manual entering of the sync code work?
  • How does sync codes look like on these tablets?

There is not an error code and tablets are not able to find each other. I have not tried to sync manually personally, however I may be able to try that tomorrow. The sync code looks like the normal code.

Additionally, I would have to contact the person who installed the network and ask about the client isolation mode.

Thanks for the quick response,


Ok, there was a guess network that was turned on, once switched off, the tablets were able to sync. At this point everything is working and as far as the network is concerned, looks like our guy has to figure that out.

Thanks for the help,


Glad you guys have it all working.
It has been my experience that between iOS and Android tablets, the Android tabs are more sensitive to a quality network. I find that guest networks seem to be problematic for both platforms. It works best for me with a network that all tablets “know” (ie. my phone hotspot).
It probably shouldn’t be that way, but I just go with what works consistently.


Meh. When wifi is configured to NOT allow devices on the same network see each other (that’s what “guest network” or “client isolation” is) even iOS won’t help you.

What does affect some (especially some old) Android devices is when network has no Internet connection or has slow DNS responses - there is a very large domain name resolution (DNS) timeouts like 30…40 seconds that can’t be turned off (even when DNS resolution is not used by the app). But that mainly for the first sync to any given remote tablet. If you have a little patience to wait trough that timeout, it works faster after that.

Keep in mind that most Android devices used to run PractiScore are on 4…5 Android versions behind and Nook devices are on 9 Android versions behind (which is over 10 years old now).