"Failed to Find Device" for Sync

Created an IDPA match on iPad Pro to use as Master Tablet.
Want to sync to smaller iPad to use on the range for scoring.
When tying to Sync Devices, Sync Codes are not recognized for either device; just get message “Failed to Find Device”
Both tablets are on same WiFi network.


Hi David!

I’ve had this happen, and usually the fix is to just restart the app. If that doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll pass it to our IOS guy :slight_smile:

Make sure you don’t have some security running on the network…often the network admin will have the ability for devices to talk to each other blocked…keeps people from hacking into another persons computer on the same network.

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This was my issue. They could talk to each other on my home network but not at our club on the club’s network.

My workaround was to buy a small USB powered router and use that to sync devices.

Can also try to use hotspot on your phone.

Using my iPhone as a hotspot did the trick.
There is something about my home Wi-FI that is causing the issue.
As soon as I used the iPhone hotspot, all my devices were immediately available.

It is called wireless client isolation. Check with your router manual (or call support) how to disable this feature.