Exporting "Who Has Paid" excludes withdrawn shooters

I am reconciling things after a match, and I noticed that when I do an export for “Who Has Paid” under status export, so I can look at amount paid, the people who withdrew but I did not refund are not on there. Is this intended behavior?

I looked at your Sectional match. A quick look in the approve/view list showed me two withdrawals with no refund amount. Is this what you are looking for?
Once you withdraw them they are no longer paid so they would drop of the sort list.
If it is indeed these tow whom you didn’t refund an amount you can look into your stripe account and search them to see what they paid. Or if you refunded directly through stripe it will also be in there.
Is this any help?

That makes more sense. There are people where I “processed” the withdrawal - unsquadded and withdrew them from the match, but I left them in because it was past the date for a refund. What I was looking for was a way to export the amount they’d paid. I have it handled now.