Events - allowing too many people to register

Practiscore events have recently been allowing too many people to register (based on the Max # of Attendees field).

This is very problematic. Can you please restore functionality?



Can you please be more specific?
Looking at Your Club you currently have two active events.
The first one is dated Jan of 2020 which is past but it still shows “open” This due to you registration close date being set to Dec 2020. If you correct that it will show closed and move down the list.
The second one is active and is Dated Dec 1st 2020. It is Open and active with 7 registered shooters while your Max number of shooters is set for 30.

Now there is also a gift cert match??? showing under “Matches” It is dated Jan 2020 but is closed for registration but set to run until the end of the year. Now it has more registrants in it but it is Private and only can be found by those whom you share the link with.

If you can further explain we can try and help.


p.s. the Help ticket program is closed, please refer all questions here.

Hey DJ,

I closed the event. It’s for October 31st. I set it up to all 6 max. Registration opened this morning at 5:30 am. PS event allowed 11 to register before I closed it.

This has been happening for a few months now with events. It used to work just fine…


Is this a Cloned event?
If so when was the original event created that this was cloned from?

It’s “scheduled” from the Master event.

Scheduling from a master event is a different way of saying “cloning”
Currently anything scheduled from earlier this year will possibly have bugs since the major upgrade this summer.
Best practices is to create new form every 6-12 months and if things act up then build new forms. Doing this has fixed the problem for other clubs…

We discussed this earlier this year with the same problem but using the word “cloning”.
I see under “Matches” you have a class that is having the same issue of booking and I believe this is a cloned match.

We are finding this issue with Cloned/Scheduled, At this time the current fix is to not clone from old templates but to create new templates.

The IT teams are on other projects for the foreseeable future and even though this is not a perfect option it is the best fix that we have for now…