ES Column on the What If webpage

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What does the “ES” column on the What If webpage represent?

Extra Shots on the stage…
If the stage is made for 7 shots, and 10 are recorded then ES should be 3.

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Look at the following match in What Ifs view
All the stages for that match were Comstock so there is no such thing as “extra shots”

I am not sure that it really has any meaning or can be determined by the scores. Look at Bo Wang, Stage 1. He has one “ES” but it is likely the no-shoot and the miss were the same shot. Mike-No Shoot is a popular “twofer” :wink:

I’m just communicating what the programmers said the ES was calculated as. :man_shrugging:

Ah, Plausible Deniability :slight_smile:

Thanks DJ!

The tooltip on ES column says “Extra Shots”.

It seem like it is calculated based on shots recorded A+C+D+M+NS vs shots required.