Enhancement Request - Auto Advance String for Bluetooth Timers

After the time is downloaded from a bluetooth timer, would it be possible to (or at least add an option) to auto advance to the next string? For Steel Challenge this would help a lot in preventing accidental overwrites of a strings time because the scorer didn’t manually move the cursor forward to the next string.

Thanks - Jeff

Jeff, normally after time is downloaded from the Bluetooth timer you may need to enter penalties or other stuff. So, auto-advancing at that point doesn’t seem to be a good idea.

So, the way it supposed to work it should auto-advance to the next string when you tap the “Timer” button and if the currently selected string is not-blank. Though I haven’t verified this for quite a while.

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That’s a good point, although it’s pretty easy to go back and add misses or missed stop plate. It is not auto-advancing when you tap the timer button on a string that already has time (and has the icon next to it that indicates that it was downloaded from the timer), it just overwrites the same string (so if it’s supposed to work that way - that would be just as good if it can be fixed).

@Jeff_Maher unfortunately the fixing for this may have to wait until the PractiScore 2.0 app…

No problem! Thanks for looking into it.


If you are using an AMG timer, it will do exactly what you want.

Go into the Settings on the timer and change ‘BLE push’ from NO to YES. From then on it will jump from string to string in Steel Challenge automatically.

Note that the cursor stays on the last string shot until the next string starts… That’s by design… It gives you a chance to add a +3 or +30 penalty as Eugene mentioned… The easiest way to score a SC shooter is just don’t touch the tablet between strings.

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Hi John - thanks. We are not using ALGs, couldn’t get them (never in stock) so we went with Protimer BT instead. Will have to wait till it’s fixed in the application.