Email address not accessable

Good day

The guy that did the admin for our club bailed and sabotaged our operations and is blocking all communication. We can not access the email account that our club, Harmony Shooting Club, used to register with and we do not have any passwords for any of our online platforms. Thus, for the past year we have not added any scores here.

What do I need to rectify this? Meaning specifically, how can we change the email address and log into our account if we do not have access to the original email account or passwords?

Sorry, quite new to Practiscore, so help will be appreciated.

I see Mucahit_Talha has a similar problem under the heading: About the withdrawal of our Club information opened in Pacticscore.

Can someone please look into it and advise me of what to do. Just as Mucahit_Talha, we do not want to register a new club as Harmony Shooting Club is already registered.

Can any of the mods please help me.

Thank you in advance.

As an admin you can make the new email you created an admin. let me know after that and I can make that email the new club owner.


Thank you for the response. Unfortunately, no. No-one in the club has access to that email account. The previous admin left the club quite suddenly with some anger issues. Certain measures were not in place and he is the only person that has access to that email acc.

Thank you for making me admin. I will create a new email for the club and post it for you to alter.

Thank you so much.


I have added [email protected] as a club admin.

Thank you so much for all your help.

I hope we can get our scores up and running now.

Thanks again.