Early Registration Possible

Question: Is there a way to get “special” people signed up ahead of the match registration opening?

Situation: I would like to get some folks signed up for the match ahead of general public registration opening. Is there a way to do this?

Right now: I have the match private and registration open and sending the link to the early folks. I will then have to go back and change the private to “not private” I really would like folks to be able to search for the match though so they can see current details. I need like a registration bypass link similar to the pay one.

Thank you!

Check out the one time use pre-registration code option.

Awesome thank you.
Are the code one time use so each new person would need their own code?

I search pre-registration codes! Thank you very much.
Very neat learn about new features all the time.

Yes, they are one time use.
Good Luck!:+1:t2: