Double value targets

According to the changelog, from version 1.6.40 (March 3, 2020), the option to double target scoring in the IPSC Rifle and IPSC Shotgun should be added.
Unfortunately, when creating the course for the match (IPSC shotgun) I cannot find this option. All targets are scored by 5 points. How can I also add 10-point targets?

@Maciej_Podgorski make sure the match was created on Android phone. Then in the stage editor select scoring type “Comstock2”. Then you should be able to select and add targets with x2 hits on the target editing screen.

Note that we couldn’t use “Comstock” scoring because we have to maintain backward compatibility with the old app versions and also this feature is not yet implemented in iOS. So, at the moment you can’t use mix of iOS and Android devices when “Comstock2” scoring is used.

Please let me know if you still having issues with this.

I didn’t know I should use Comstock2. Now it works!
Thank you.

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