'donate once a year' option

I chose the ‘donate once a year’ option a few months ago. If I choose to use the option to donate to Practiscore with each shooter how do I cancel the once a year option?

Also the ‘donate with each shooter’ option will increase my donation by a huge amount. I notice the option to donate is a required field. Is a zero enough of an entry (in which case I would leave the once a year donation in place)? Can I put .25 (a quarter) in as my by the shooter donation?

If you want to cancel your Practiscore Support Us Donation you can go to the the bottom of the page and click on Support Us. It should bring you to a page where you have options on what plan you would like to support us on or cancel your subscription.

A zero in the donation option should be good.

It is up to you on how you would like to donate. Thank you for taking the time to donate to Practiscore. We really appreciate it!

OK, thanks