Deleted squad scores by mistake

I was showing a fellow co-match director how to transfer scores from one tablet to the Master tablet, and I clicked on “NEW Match”. I wanted to delete older matches, but I inadvertently deleted the match on one of the tablets from a match we had today. Do you know of any way to recover those scores? Thanks, Dan

Was that android or ios tablet?

Generally if there was no backups or scores wasn’t synced to other tablets you could be out of luck…

It was an iPad. That’s what I was afraid of. It’s out there in cyber space some where…

The PractiScore app on Android makes a local backup of the match before match is deleted from the match list on device.

I don’t think iOS app has that…

Thanks euxx. I’m trying to find a recycle bin or Trash Can on iPod, so still working on it.

IPad’s, & there was no sync. I too fear all is lost to 4 shooters.

I have the iOS developer looking at this but I am pretty sure you are out of luck.
Maybe we look at this as a learning experience?
This is part of “Best Practices” if you read thru the tutorials you will see this.
The Stats person mainly Never, Ever does anything with the “scoring tablets” besides load the match from the Master tablet, enter scores AND then sync the scores back to the Master. Besides that you put the scoring tablet away.
You have seen first hand how important it is to keep all scores compartmentalized.
If you want to play with a match the best thing is to clone it in the master and play with that. When you are done delete it. Never give yourself the chance of something happening to the master set of scores.
I’ll let you know if iOS has any thoughts.


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I have to add to this.

Never ever delete anything during or shortly after a match! You may need it right after you delete it. For that reason PractiScore apps don’t permanently deleting shooters or stages - marking them as deleted instead, so they can be undeleted.

And before deleting anything - email yourself the match backup file *.psc.

I hear that D.J.,
I should have just transferred the scores, then showed our co-match director how the do the tablets. I took full blame for this, & told the ones affected that it will never happen again. I have offered them a fee match because of this. I know if this had been a regional match, I would have been in much more trouble. Most of the 4 affected understood my mistake. When we have just two or 3 people helping out in matches, & only me knowing how to run the tablets, it makes our volunteer jobs that much harder. They rely on me to get it right the first time, & I let them down. As I said, this will never happen again.
Anyway, Thanks for your help. The “learning curve” can be tough at times!