Date of match is incorrect

When uploading the results of a match to Practiscore the results show the match as being held the day after.

Name of match = WGC WI Action Pistol League 12-7-2021 (It was held on that date). After posting results to Practiscore it shows the match as being held on 12-8-2021. All of the scoring tablets have the correct date and time.

This has been happening since November 9. Any ideas?


Hi Steve,
Have you checked the date and time on the master tablet that you are posting from in its settings?

We’ve tried posting from two different cell phones (master tablet) since our weekly Match on November 9th. The scoring tablets and the Cell phones are using the same correct date but once posted to Practiscore the match date shows as being the next day.

“WGC WI Action Pistol League 12-7-2021” is the match name, basically an arbitrary text.

And in the match settings match date is set to 12-8-2021. That is in the match that is posted to the PractiScore website.

You can change the match date on the tablet and repost results.

But the odd date seem to snuck in from the match registration site.

The match has December 7 dates, but website still think it starts on the 8th.

Maybe that has something do do with 6pm time and the Club’s timezone set to “America/Chicago”…