Custom Target scoring

I’m running a .22 benchrest shoot with 4 targets, each worth a maximum of 2500 points. How can I enter those scores and get and average?

There is no option to average a group of target scores.
I am curious what to goal of that is??? Compared to accruing the total points earned?

Check the “NRA Action” match template for point-based scoring. You can customize and create your own targets. But as DJ said there is no option to see averages (of any sort).

Thank you. The point of average is to compare across shooters and classes. Yes, it could be done by total as in Steel Challenge but I don’t make the rules. Ha!

Most results on PS can be compared combined or by division across results pages.

If a shooter wants to dig deeper into results that can purchase Eugenes App. Practiscore Competitor, which allows them to do an almost infinite amount of comparisons…

Steel Challenge is not using points, but time… But distribution of the total points is the same as distribution of the averages (i.e. the order of standings won’t change). I suppose if you need an average value you can do it in excel after.