Cowboy Action Shooting use of Aliases

Cowboy Action Shooting (SASS) uses aliases for squadding (posses). Everything we do in CAS is by alias.
The registration form has the shooter input their alias (required) but the squadding uses first and last name.
Can you make it an option to display alias in the View Squadding? Make the name viewable by hovering like you have category and division.
The work around we have used is having shooter input alias as first name, but would like to have squadding field be selectable for alias

I will discuss this with the Web team and see what can be done.

@Jeff_Krammer @euxx @Russell_Armstrong

@D.J.Petrou this seems for the web site. The apps already show aliases for SASS matches.

Correct, just keeping the App guys in the loop.

That wasn’t the issue. The issue is displaying the alias in the squadding on the web site. The squad defaults to first and last names. Want to be able to display aliases. I not use app.

Correct, I understand you want alias’s on the web site.
I often include the App developers so everyone knows what is going on.
The web guys will be looking into the feasibility.

Here is the answer for now.

Unfortunately it will not happen any time soon. It is a big restructure of the squadding code to make it happen. Hours and days of manpower that is just not available.
Realistically probably something for the next version of PS.
It will definitely stay on the list…
Sorry it wasn’t a “throw a switch” kind of thing.

@djpetrou @Jeff_Krammer what about just adding alias to the shooter’s name when doing squadding? That can’t be a total rewrite.

We also need a standard “alias” field, similar to standard first/last name.

A standard alias field was added to the default template for Cowboy types a few weeks back. We will add alias to squadding in the future.

Thank you for trying. Look forward to next version. Our work around is instructing shooter to use alias in place of first name; that way it shows up in squad. Still gives us last name to cross reference if needed. You guys have a great tool for shooting- keep up the great work

There remains one slight problem: When exporting the Registration data from a SASS match, the export does not include the “Alias” field. So when I import the shooters’ details into a new match, I have to manually enter their aliases again and sync up all the tablets. Is there a better way?

Both the Android and the iOS versions of the app handle the Alias part of cowboy.
when downloading registration for the web site the alias’s are transferred. The shooters default is their Alias.
Here you can see what the iOS version looks like. It does call squads Posse’s

And here is the Android version, the squads are called squads.

This 2 person match was created on the website, then I registered online the two shooters. Further importing the match registration via the pin number.
It all transfers correctly.

If you need more info on doing this please view our tutorials on the PS website starting with this.