Company name already taken?

Hello, I I thought I had created a sponsor page a while back but hadn’t seen my thumbnail available as a badge. So I attempted to set up my sponsor page again and apparently it had been set up. How do I go about getting my badge to appear next to my name and allow other shooters to use it as well? Thank you.

Let me look into it…


Thank you D.J.

Yes indeed there is some glitch.
The Web Development guys are covered up right this sec so it might take a day or two to get you squared away. If you will click my name and send me a PM with all the info you will use for the Sponsor Acct. I will get it built for you asap and message you back.
Sorry for the trouble,


D.J, I don’t see an option to send you a PM. It could be as I am on a mobile device. If you can PM me, I can reply with the requested information. Thank you for assisting with this.


You are good to go.

Whatever they pay you, it’s not enough. Thank you!

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