Club Review function

How hard would it be to implement a review tool on local clubs?

It would be fantastic if Shooter‘s could answer a handful of survey questions and assign a star rating to local clubs which would allow the community to decide if it is worth going back to that club. Think yelp reviews for restaurants.

Were the stages fun? Did you find the location on the map? Did they have bathrooms? Did they help you with your first match?

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That’s a good idea.
I don’t see that we would be able to implement something like that until the website is rebuilt.
I’ll put it on the list.:+1:t2:

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Club review functionality would be great.

Could easily piggyback this functionality to create match specific feedback for major matches.

Would help clubs find ways they can improve and give the community a big of an equalized voice.

See what matters to the community on average compared to what matters to the few people with a lot of followers on social media.

The goal has and always will be for the community to have a voice. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions.