Click on "Show What Ifs" and get an empty page; no results list

2022 Inland Empire Sectional…

If I click on “Show What Ifs” all I get is an empty list.

Did you get this resolved? Are you actually talking about PS Competitor and not the web site?

I am referring to the web site.
For my last two USPSA matches, Area 1 on 6/2/22 and Inland Empire on 5/14 when I select “Show What Ifs” I just get a empty results list.
For USPSA matches prior to those two the feature appears to work as expected.

You will find the Berry’s Area 1 match is working now. The Inland match is still not.
It will take hearing back from their stats person and might take a while.
Let me ask, Why are you not using PS Competitor to look at your performance. It is much more full featured than the “What If” option.

The Inland one is our match and I have the master tablet (at least when I get home tonight). Is it an issue with the fact that we have a posting password when we posted the match? Let me know what the issue is and we should be able to fix it.

I agree and I use the PS Competitor app all the time.
On the other hand I’m old fashioned and still like to use a computer for a lot of work unlike many.
Thanks for looking into this.