Choosing an Affiliation - Falling Steel Match

Our club used to run a monthly Steel Challenge match. We would use the Steel Challenge: Blank Affiliation and it worked out well.

We have now replaced the Steel Challenge Match with a simple Falling Steel match but have kept using the same Steel Challenge Affiliation. We would like to get away from this as none of the settings under that Affiliation really apply to falling Steel. It works, but we have to make adjustments every match and sometimes forget remove things like the Max Time of 30 seconds or Drop the worst string, etc. We also don’t want to use all of the Steel Challenge divisions and just dumb it down to 4 or 5.

What Affiliation are other clubs using for their Falling Steel Matches?


If you could explain exactly how you guys are scoring your match we will be able to more accurately help you. :wink:

The match is really very simple.
-6 stages of 20 - 25 targets each
-5 generic divisions
-targets must fall to score
-Par Time - 60 seconds
-FTN - 5 seconds
-Procedural Penalty - 15 seconds
-Low Ready add - 3 seconds

It is really just Raw Time plus FTN, Procedural, and Low Ready.

Thank you

So use Time Plus and build your own penalties/divisions.

Thank you.

Any idea how to delete “Member Number” field on the registration form? It says that it is a default field for the Time Plus Affiliation.

Try this…Its a default so you can’t remove it but…

It’s not checked, but the line still shows up on the registration page

I will have the web department take a look at this but they are covered up on some priority projects so it may take a bit to find out if this is a one time thing or if it’s happening across the board.