Change registered shooter's Division - registration closed

A shooter wants to change his division before our Level II mat h this weekend… Registration is closed… Sold out… Can’t figure out how to change him from Open To PCC. In

Normally I would just do this in the PractiScore app, but would like to know how to do it… Read the FAQ and looked here, but couldn’t find a way to do it.


Hi John!

Go into Approve/View Shooters under the Manage tab on the match
Hit the Expand button on the top right
Find your shooter
Select Edit Shooter Details

That will take you to their registration form, and you should be able to change it there

The ‘Expand All’ button was the key… Didn’t see it on my phone… Thanks!

John, it is often hard to use your phone to MD or admin a match as the screen size makes it extremely difficult… We suggest a larger tablet or a Laptop/Desktop

…for web site anyways. I’ve used my phone as a master device to manage large matches with a few hundred competitors.