Can't reduce or delete empty squad

Is there a way to reduce or delete an empty squad?
In the “Edit Schedules/Squads” section, every time I try to reduce the number of squads from 6 to 5, I get this “5, 6, before making this edit.” error (see screenshot below), which is nonsense and doesn’t tell me how to address the issue. Squad 6 is completely empty, so it seems like reducing the number of squads to 5 shouldn’t be an issue.

If you can share the match and club name with us we can look at it.

I looked at the one club that you are an admin of.
All 3 upcoming matches at Oregon ARPC Speed Steel have only 4 squads in the squadding window.

Yes, but that is not relevant to the issue I described.
All of our events start at 4 squads and we open up more squads as the number of registered shooters increases. This allows us to keep all the squads at relatively even numbers, keeping the squads from getting held up as they progress through the stages.

When I receive the error, as in the example I provided in my original post, we had opened up 6 squads, but had a large number of registrants withdraw, so we no longer needed the 6th squad. When I attempted to reduce the number of squads from 6 to 5, I received the error in the screenshot. Also of note: this occurred even though squad 6 was completely empty.

I understand that, but based on your post I should have found a match that still had six squads in it that you could not delete. Is that not the case?
Where is the match that you could not remove squads from?
We would like to take a look at it.

It is the match titled “Oregon ARPC January Speed Steel Match 2022”, which has since closed.
I would link you to it, but I’m not sure how the links from my club dashboard behave externally (publicly).
Squad 6 was just left blank.

Even after the match is over you can delete the squad.
Here it is, you go to the past match or current match and click on Edit Squads.
Show the squads

Find the squad you want to delete.

Here’s another view.

Use the trash can to delete it.

Boom, it’s gone. Easy Peasy.

It is now gone even in your past match.


Ah, I see! The “Show Squads” button (under the trashcan and edit pencil icons) is the key!!!

I have not tried that method. I have been clicking the edit pencil icon next to the “schedule” and editing it that way.
The next time I am in the situation where I had the original problem (needing to delete a squad from an event while actively open for signup), I will try this.

I appreciate the assitance!