Cannot change email

I think that I may have two accounts and the email for one of them is no longer valid and I need to merge the accounts if possible.

Add the old email to your “additional emails” section in your primary account. it’s in the edit setting part of your account.
Afterwards you should delete the account with the old email. also done in the edit settings/account/ bottom of that page.

Solution did not work. After deleting the old account and adding the defunct email to my shooter9199 account, when I logged out and attempted to log back I got the message that there is no shooter9199 account and that I needed to create a new account. I tried that and was informed that the email, shooter919 was already taken. I cannot log in with that user name and I cannot create a new account using that email??

the email in question is [email protected] but the bot would not let me put that in the most recent reply.

I just looked at your account.
the primary email is [email protected] as you see in the first photo.
In the second photo the additional Email is not the old email as I suggested but you put in the primary email.
If you cannot log in still let us know and we will email you an new password.
If you deleted to old page and not the current one then your password would not have changed.