Calendar help please

  1. would be nice to be able to define a mileage radius for ‘nearby events’ to show on the calendar, eg, 125 miles from my zip code. some are showing that are 100s of miles away, cluttering up the calendar.

  2. when i uncheck the ‘nearby events’ field/box, it removes some upcoming matches that i haven’t registered for yet, for clubs that i am following (and they appear in blue (following) before i uncheck the nearby/gold colored box.


Thanks for the idea with #1 David! And I’ll let our web team know about #2 :grin:

Will it be possible to add a date search option? I would really love to pick a day and then see what matches (or events I suppose) are occurring on that specific date. Thank you!

Thank you. That is a wonderful idea! Right now our programmers are swamped with other projects at the moment. When we start working on a new version of Practiscore, we will look into adding this option. Thank you again. :slight_smile: