Bug report. Ilegal division/power factor combination


The other day I shot a match, it was unknown to me that they had not refreshed my division from my online change the night before. I asked to be changed from SS/M to Prod/Min, but the person handling the scores changed only the division to Prod and the Major PF remained, the app effectively took it and calculated my scores as Prod/Major, which is an illegal or inexistent combination.
I think a validation should be added to divisions like Prod and CO that are minor power factor by default to not allow major PF to be selected.

Eliezer Rodriguez

@Eliezer_Rodriguez there is validation in the apps. But it relies on a properly created match.

In other words we need more details. Here is a quick list out of the top of my head (may need more info):

  • name of the match (or link to the posted results),
  • how match was created (on web site or locally on a tablet),
  • was registration imported from PS web site using pin#,
  • what platform and app version was used on device match was created at or imported to from PS web site,
  • what app used to change division (and had failed to change PF)

If you have this info, email it to us, or get your MD to send this info to [email protected]