Best way to set up and use the Waitlist

I’ve reviewed the related topics and still don’t think I am getting the right answer, so here is my question:

Our Match Director would like to be able to build a waitlist after the match fills because we always have some shooters that cancel the night before or day of the match. He would like them to have to pay, but not squad. If we don’t have cancellations, then we would fit them in even if it meant changing the squad sizes or adding a new squad to just score them at match time.

We have “Allow Waitlist” and “Allow Squadding After Registration…” and “allow payment at match” checked as a normal setup for our matches. If we were to set up the match with “Require payment and approval to squad” instead of “Allow Squadding after registration…” would this allow us to accomplish the above? It sounds like we would have to manually approve everyone once they pay, but that may be an acceptable trade off.

What are the benefits and pitfalls of using “Require payment and approval to Squad”

Allowing a waitlist and making the waitlisted folks pay goes against the waitlist idea and most shooters would push back against that.
But, if that’s the way you want to go then, What I would do is this.
Set up squad sizes to what you want it to be.
Do not turn on waitlisting
Check the require full payment box to make everyone pay.
Check Require payment and approval to squad.
THEN you have to go down the approve/view list and physically approve the maximum number of shooters to fill the match. (two mouse clicks per) Starting with registrant #1.
Now you have other shooters who are not approved (and cannot squad) but have paid sitting in your queue.
If someone drops out you refund them then remove them from the match and approve the next paid shooter.
The only thing you will have to do is manage having shooters who have given you money and may not be happy about that and not getting in the match.
AFTER the match you refund all the shooters that didn’t get in. :man_shrugging:t3: :man_shrugging:t3:
That’s about the only way I can think of to do this.

Thanks for the answer DJ.

We normally have a two-week registration period and have a policy that you must withdraw before a specific date to receive a refund. Our shooters are used to this policy and have accepted it. Our match attendance is usually full (15 x 7 sqds) during the season. We never turn a shooter away, so if you pay and show on time, you will shoot, you just may not be in the squad you want. Many of the “day of” shooters have said that they tried to register late, but could not.

To Clarify, if we set up 7 squads at 15 shooters in a squad and reserve 3 slots in squads 1-6 and all 15 in squad 7 (our normal match setup), once we fill up and start opening the reserve slots, anyone waitlisted and approved will be able to squad at that point in the open slots. OR does it automatically fill based on the approval given?

Once you approve them they will be able to squad. There is no automatic squad fulfillment. To do what you’re asking to do is going to require that the match director oversee everything to make sure that it works correctly and if it is not that person will manually need to adjust things.

OKAY, understood. One last question. If we set it up this way, can the shooter request a squad preference but not be able to squad until approval is given?

Well, the shooter can request whatever they want. It’s either first come first served or you manually put them where they’ve asked to be.
No different than a regular match there’s no reserving where you get to go in a squad if you’re the shooter.