Add USSL Sport Profile

Need ability to store USSL member number, as done with USPS, IDPA, ICORE, and 3GN.

We will look into the current size of USSL and put it on the things to do list.

USSL has been added to the sports list.

Didn’t find in drop down list under Settings > Add Sport Profile. Cleared cache before attempt. Firefox 77.0.1, Windows 10.

We currently have a section here in community for all the USSL sports. When a match director creates a match and scores a match there is a match type for them to choose the USSL sports.
If you are talking about a member number in your personal profile there is not currently one. If you look at the options there you will notice they are long time sports with thousands of members.
We will definitely look into the viability of adding others and if they will be used.
Thanks for the Idea!