About the PractiScore 2 Scoring Apps category

The PractiScore 2 apps is a complete rewrite of PractiScore apps to a common platform to run on Android and iOS, as well as on other platforms in the future. It is built to maintain backward compatibility with 1.x apps and to allow us to adapt to the competition sport’s needs quicker.

Also see PractiScore apps hardware requirement

Please note this is still an early stage and you should take precautions when using 2.x apps at matches. Ideally you should enable online score logging (requires for scoring tablets to have internet access). If that is not possible - make backups as often as you can (e.g. use export and email to yourself or save to a shared cloud storage), especially before syncing data between devices.

If you find any issues with the PractiScore 2 app, please email us at support@practiScore.com (provide details if you are using iOS or Android, device model and include the match export file if needed to reproduce issues).

Also don’t hesitate free to post questions, ideas and discuss PractiScore 2 apps in this category.

For Android devices you can install the PractiScore 2 app from Google Play or from Amazon app store.

For iOS devices currently you can install PractiScore 2 app using TestFlight. We are still working on the app approval for the Apple app store.