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Getting started with PractiScore scoring apps

Both scoring apps, the PractiScore app for Android and PractiScore app for iOS are designed to work standalone. The app can pull match data and post match results to the PractiScore website, but you don’t have to use Pra…

3 April 25, 2021
Match not showing in Dashboard 4 May 12, 2021
Dashboard - remove withdrawn matches 5 May 12, 2021
Recent Events in Dashboard not showing up....12:15 CST the problem is now fixed

Edit: 12:15 CST the webmaster has instituted a fix. All should be back to normal. As of May 1st-ish many matches have stopped showing up on competitors dashboards under the “Recent Events” section. Here is some info fo…

3 May 12, 2021
Match Missing from "Recent Event" list 5 May 12, 2021
Broken layout when scoring a time 2 May 12, 2021
Missing Match Rio Salado TNS 3 May 12, 2021
Another match missing from recent results 8 May 12, 2021
Match missing from "Recent Events" table 19 May 12, 2021
UN delete shooter 2 May 11, 2021
Basic Series Match set up on an iPad 13 May 11, 2021
Result sorting for the club 5 May 10, 2021
Match date showing next day 6 May 8, 2021
iPad - Cannot enter scores for ICORE matches 15 May 8, 2021
Problems with Recent Events 2 May 7, 2021
Previous events and scores stopped showing 4 May 6, 2021
Stripe Connect Error 16 May 6, 2021
Previous events/scores stopped showing on my dashboard 2 May 5, 2021
Pre-registration Code 3 May 3, 2021
Multiple old links for same club 3 May 3, 2021
What If on website dont work? 2 May 3, 2021
Add checkbox error. Edit "Categories Fiels: Preview" 4 April 30, 2021
Bluetooth timers supported in the PractiScore app for Android 1 May 5, 2020
Bug - Annuals Speed Shooting 2 April 27, 2021
SASS scoring results identified P column as points not Procedual 3 April 27, 2021
Export to WinMSS and posting results to IPSC website 1 April 25, 2021
Squad rotation and IROA shooters order 1 April 25, 2021
Syncing with PractiScore app for Android running on Chromebook or in Bluestacks 1 October 24, 2020
Matches listed in Recent Events that I did not participate in 2 April 25, 2021
Search and load match results from the PractiScore website using PractiScore Competitor app 1 April 23, 2021