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iOS Scoring App This is your place to discuss the free PractiScore iOS Scoring App. PraciScore Log App Use this category to post your questions, suggestions and comments for the PractiScore Log app. PractiScore.Com, the Website This is for Results, Profiles, Match Director help, Bugs, and other questions about the PractiScore.Com website. Android Scoring App This is your place to discuss the free PractiScore scoring app for Android. PractiScore Competitor App This category is to ask questions, discuss ideas and issues related to PractiScore Competitor one-time paid app for iOS and Android.
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Getting started with PractiScore scoring apps

Both scoring apps, the PractiScore app for Android and PractiScore app for iOS are designed to work standalone. The app can pull match data and post match results to the PractiScore website, but you don’t have to use Pra…

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