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IDPA IDPA category is where you can find information about the sport. Questions and answers on how clubs, match directors or shooters can use Practiscore for matches. Other This is for all match types but USPSA, Steel Challenge, IPSC, IDPA, and UML. IPSC NRL22 This is the home for NRL22. Talk about the sport or ask questions of our moderator Levi Sanderson. If you are a match director Levi has all the insights on setting up a match and running it. UML USPSA This category is for questions about using PractiScore for USPSA matches. Steel Challenge
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WiFi / Internet / Synching Basics for All Sports

Introduction PractiScore uses WiFi and Internet but does not require them to be on all the time. It uses WiFi to easily synchronize multiple tablets scoring data for a consolidated results view. As an aside, synching …

2 February 19, 2020
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Setting up and scoring a Postal match over a a set period of time? 14 May 20, 2020
Getting Started with UML Matches in PractiScore
1 February 19, 2020
Using PractiScore's Web Registration for L1 matches

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2 February 19, 2020
QuickStart Guide for Rocking L1 USPSA matches with PractiScore

What kind of tablets? Do you need wifi? Registering competitors Designing Stages (double check!) Scoring and Synching Results Sharing activity with USPSA

2 February 19, 2020